How is the consumer’s perspective on sustainable fashion changing?

The journey of sustainability in the fashion world is one of the most important issues across the industry. Sustainability is now at the core of business plans adopted by every fashion brand and textile company. 

So, how does the consumer consider such approaches and investments?  

Especially, the shopping habits and more sensitive attitude of generation Z led all brands to reconstruct all processes from production to material selection, logistics to point of sale. 

Many international research activities conducted give the following results in general.

• Consumers are willing to have a clear vision of the sustainability story of products. 

• The digital means, such as QR Codes, mobile apps, etc., allow the consumer to easily see the stages of sustainability. 

• The brand’s promises to the consumer should contain all the steps of circular economy. For example, how can the brand take back the product when the consumer will no longer use the product?    

• The consumer wants to have an easy access to the brand’s sustainability details. Transparent and user-friendly consumer journey is of great importance. 

• Tangible data always matters. Data and concrete developments should be shared, not cool and interesting mottos.