Making conscious production that respects nature and people is one of the biggest contributions to the future for BELIZ Trend & Sourcing. 

• Use of natural resources Providing raw materials that are produced and supplied in fair conditions, respecting the nature. Collaborations with our producers using clean energy resources. Supporting and using new washing and production processes that will reduce water consumption. 

• Recycling To support the most efficient recovery of the raw materials used and to ensure their use in new products and production chain. To prefer recycled textile fibers and regenerated fabrics and textile intermediate materials in our collections and productions. 

• Waste and Chemical Content Management Supervision of the management of wastes in all textile and apparel production processes in international standards. 

• Social Compliance By auditing the social rights and workplace standards offered by all our business partners to their employees; We ensure that all our production processes are fair and transparent. We manage our work flow by making sure that the social compliance of the employees is met 100% in all the production facilities we work with.